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Runway Ready                                                                                                                               February 18, 2016

It’s the final days of fashion week here in the Big Apple but these ladies are runway ready with looks that turn the campus into their own runway. Check them out here. Don’t forget to take your best shot, tag @beautybeatcollege, and get featured!


Blonde tresses can be tricky for brown girls to pull off but @_justnaee from Morgan State University does it perfectly.


@kashstylesdotco is killin’ the style game on the yard at Howard University!


Long, lush braids are glammed up @madam_mickel style paired with a bright red lip on campus at Winston Salem State University.

@yokennedy is making the most out of her three Ls — locs, liner and lips! Love all this natural beauty.


@heyytinaa and @vivalanae look ready to heat things up with natural but definitely gorgeous makeup down in sunny Florida A&M University.

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We polled our college editors to find the nail essentials they need to make their tips tops!
By: Beauty Beat College Editors

1. The top shades: Nudes rule from daytime classes to nighttime hanging out!
Shown: Revlon Nail Lacquer in Serene ($5.99,




2.  Top line for shades that work against brown skin: Essie

Essie nail color ($8,



3. Top App: Sally Hansen Mobile ManiMatch

Use this app before your mani to “try on” 200 nail shades to get the color just right for you! Download at the iTunes App store.



4. Top To-Go Nail Tool: Sally Girl Mini Nail Files

These Sally Girl Mini Files slip into your bag for those untimely snagged nails (.99,


5. Top Runway Nail Look for Campus: Tanya Taylor Fall 2016 Runway Show

We can see the simple yet striking nails spotted at the Tanya Taylor show paired with everything from jeans to sexy jumpsuits.

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PRODUCT OF THE WEEK: Pure Love Olive Oil Cleanser by Albertini International
By: Maya Souverin, Florida A&M University

Pure Love All Natural Olive Oil Cleanser ($19.50,

Pure Love All-Natural Olive Oil Cleanser is a lightweight facial cleanser by Albertini International. It contains a skin-friendly antioxidant blend of essential oils, including argan and jojoba oils. I’ve never used an oil cleanser before, so I admit that I was skeptical at first.

After applying the oil to my dry face, massaging it in, and rinsing with a warm cloth my face truly felt clean, smoother and stayed feeling moisturized throughout the day! My skin didn’t have that tight feel you can get right after you wash it. Using a warm cloth made me feel like I was getting a real facial. I would recommend a different pump because a lot of oil came out the bottle and you really don’t need a lot,  but it was manageable. And follow their tip ladies: Don’t use any water until you are ready to rinse. It’s most effective used on dry skin and with dry hands. Added bonus: it dissolves makeup too. I am really particular about what I use on my skin but I am definitely considering adding this product to my skin care regimen.




MEET: KIERRA ADAMS, Howard University
BY: Tierra Jackson, Howard University

From fashion modeling to hair styling, Kierra Adams is definitely making a name for herself on Howard University’s campus. As a junior, marketing major from Detroit, Michigan, Ms. Adams has been deemed successful at being able to manage being a student, model, mentor, and one of the best hairstylists on the yard. With her business @_hairbykierra, she has secured over 50 clients on and off campus.  Check out what Kierra had to say when we asked her how she thrives on campus as a beauty influencer.

At what age did you start doing hair?
Unofficially, I started doing hair at a young age on Barbie dolls and I used the mannequin heads and curled their hair with the plastic curlers. Officially, I started doing hair in high school and just progressed from there. My whole family does hair, so I had those role models to look up to and luckily, I acquired their passion. I just love making other people feel beautiful. It’s just something about how a woman feels when they get their hair freshly done.

Where do you get your hair styling inspirations from?
I would say I get my hair inspiration from just every day life–from my clients with all of their different personalities and requests to just walking around seeing cute styles and saying to myself ,’I should go ahead and try it.’ Also, I would say social media is an influence. You know, scrolling down Instagram and seeing different hair style inspire me to experiment or try out that same hairstyle.

What a good tip for healthy hair care?
Keep hair moisturized. Also, for healthy hair try using oils such as grapeseed, coconut, almond and lavender.

What is your favorite/go-to hair style?
I wouldn’t say that I have one specific go-to hairstyle because I am CONSTANTLY changing my hair. If I’m feeling like I want to have my inches in one day, I’ll just throw my wig on. If I feel like wearing my natural hair, I probably do a Bantu knot, twist-out, or braid out. It really depends on how I’m feeling at the time and what I actually feel like doing to my hair after having a long day with clients.

What are your favorite hair products?
My favorite hair products would definitely be Pierre’s Caribbean Secrets Shampoo & Conditioner because they just make my hair feel great and very moisturized. The natural ingredients in his products… I just absolutely love it. I would also say Shea Moisture or just the natural oils and remedies that I previously listed.

How do you balance managing @_hairbykierra with everything you have going on with school?
I would definitely say God because I would not be able to do all of this without the Lord.  And I would also say my planner because that definitely helps me with my time management; it makes sure I have enough time with my clients and everything. But definitely God, because with all that I’m involved with on campus and classes, I have to have the Lord by my side in order to make everything possible.

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