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Can you feel it? Spring has arrived and we’ve boxed up a few treats that will help you welcome it beautifully! Take a peek into the box and find a few of our favorite things from our favorite beauty friends!


Whisper with your scent
Luxury fragrances are sweet indulgences. PM Fragrances is a boutique brand that delivers custom scents that are not only unique but free of often-irritating phthalates, so even those sensitive two mass fragrances can enjoy. Perfumer Chavalia Mwamba shifted from educator to perfumier when she created Pink Mahoghany Fragrances in 2005. But in a way, she is still schooling us on the intricacies of ingredient mixing and scent combining with her fine fragrances that are free of unhealthy chemicals that can irritate sensitive users. The complete line includes women’s perfume, like the Pas Encore Nomme in our Spring box, as well as men and home fine fragrances. She has your household covered—even if you want a one-of-a-kind scent. If you can dream it, Mwamba can create it with a customized scent just for you. Full Size Retail: $8-$120,


dyakim online


Protect your hair
You moisturize, trim your ends, and sport protective styles. But true protection begins at the wash. The Dyakim microfiber Textured Turban, dries hair gently within 5 to 10 minutes and helps to prevents breakage. Created by natural hair expert, Diane Da Costa who has been extolling her natural hair know-how for years. Her co-creator, fashion industry vet Kimberley Christensen, combined their skill and resources to create a high-end microfiber hair turban and towel that is just as much about form as it is function. The Textured Turban (in our spring box!) protects curly, coily, wavy hair from the pitfalls of drying with a cotton towel. Unlike cotton, microfiber doesn’t’ tear hair strands and absorbs moisture quickly without disturbing your curl shape. Sounds great, right? Another plus? The shape lets you get creative with how you wrap it. Whether you have a short crop or lengthy strands the towel fits securely. Retail: $24.99,


Just say ‘aaahhhh’
We loved the Honeycat Cosmetics Rub My Tummy Body Cream so much we had to have more bath delights. Bath bombs to the rescue! They smell so delish you’ll want to bite into them but trust us, soaking in them is even better. Again, founder Theresa Spruill, delivers true bath luxury without shortcutting us on the care. The bath bombs are infused with skin-loving ingredients such as, lavender, coconut oil, honey and cocoa butter. Just drop one in your bath and let the effervescent bubbles take over your tub. We love the scent and the sexiness of it all! Retail: $3.50,


This is just a peek of some of what you’ll find…inside the Spring box! Enjoy!

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Past Beauty Beat Boxes:

The chill is on but we’re keeping our beauty hot! We’re going to keep your skin smooth and sexy with the finds in this box! Oh, and we didn’t forget about your nails and lips to complete your beauty package. Read on to find out why we love these goodies–which are just a few discoveries you’ll find in this season’s box.

Creamy Delight
We’ve loved Honeycat Cosmetics bath and body products since our days as beauty editors. Created by a woman for women who value a little pampering from time to time, the Rub My Tummy Milk & Honey Body Cream is pure indulgence. The luxurious cream has a subtle scent and is infused with ingredients that nourish our melanin-rich skin–kukui oil, shea butter and honey. So bring out your sexy feline side with this creamy goodness from one of our fave black-owned beauty businesses. Honeycat Cosmetics Rub My Tummy, $12;



Lip Service
Chapped lips are never cute. And forget about wearing that ruby red lipstick. Vaadi lip balms to the rescue. We found these balms and now can’t leave home without them. They come is fruity flavors like orange, blueberry and strawberry. The fruity inclusion gives the lip elixirs beauty benefits like keeping lips looking youthful (anti-aging orange oil), fighting free radicals (blueberry extract which is high in anti-oxidants) and smoothing and exfoliation (strawberry extract with alpha hydroxy acids) just to name a few. Take it from your box to your bag and use it all season long. Vaadi Herbals Lip Balms, about $12 per set;


Cuticle Care
Cuticles are particularly vulnerable during the cold weather. When the temperature drops and the indoor thermostat goes up, we quickly up our moisture game for our hair and our skin but we often forget about nails. Keeping our cuticles hydrated does more than keep the mani looking flawless; it keeps cuticles healthy so they can do their job–protect your nails. We had to get our hands on this pretty bottle of Blossom Cuticle Oil that is lavender scented and infused with flowers. After experiencing what it did for our nails, we can’t let it go. Retail: Forever 21 , $5,


This is just a peek of some of what you’ll find…inside the Winter Box! Enjoy!

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