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DIY Beauty Musts                                                                                                           March 14, 2016


Check out our gallery of students that we caught giving looks this week! Can you see you and your school here? Take your best shot and tag @BeautyBeatCollege to get featured!



We see you @msellewoods bringing spring in at North Carolina Central with soft, pretty makeup.


Can we join in on the joke @ciaraalexis and @neecolaah on the yard at Spelman? We are going to follow your lead and pair our outdoor fun with beautiful carefree braids.


Coming or going, @eemm_ily stuns on the Winston Salem State yard with her head full of fluffy curls.


When you have flawless skin like this, you can start the day with a filter-free selfie just like this one of @beautiful_storyxxx of Fayetteville U.


@whoiskingkianna at Tennessee State University is looking gorgeous on the yard with simply stunning pale lips and ink-rimmed eyes. And those brows…

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Nubian Heritage Indian Hemp & Haitian Vetiver Hand & Body Scrub

By Ciara Shaw, Spelman College

Honestly, before trying out this exfoliating product I wasn’t aware of the Nubian Heritage Indian Hemp & Haitian Vetiver Hand & Body Scrub. I discovered that it’s not your typical scrub found in the drugstore. This hand and body scrub has sugar crystals that surprisingly weren’t scratchy when I rubbed it on and it left my hands soft to the touch! You can definitely use this all over your body for a real spa-like treat, but I like it for my hands. The neem oil infused in the scrub moisturizes but it didn’t leave an oily finish. It left my hands very soft, smooth and smelling AMAZING!
Find it here ($12.99,
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Read on for our editors’ product musts and tricks for DIY beauty.

By Beauty Beat College Editors

Maya Souverin, Florida A&M University

“Makeup blunders? No problem. I apply a small amount of facial moisturizer to a makeup sponge to erase minor mistakes.”


Alexius Watson, North Carolina Central 

“Whatever my style, this product defines my curls and the definition holds for more than one day.” ($13,


Nina Nesbitt, Howard University

“I’m convinced that it would turn straw to sil. I use it on dry hair before any type of heat styling!” ($8.99,


Zainya Carter, North Carolina Central University

“In my opinion, flexi rods give the best curl form and are easy to sleep in.” ($14.99,


“This gives the best bang for your buck! It multi-tasks. I use it on natural hair for twistouts and on straight styles for smooth slick backs.” ($8.83,


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MEET JELIMA JOHNSON, Howard University
By Beauty Beat College Editors

Howard University sophomore Jelima Johnson gives new meaning to the term model student! While she pursues a successful modeling career in front of the lens, she’s also aiming for success behind the microscope lens as a biology major and future medical student. We talked to Johnson to find out how she balances it all, tips from behind the scenes and advice for other models in the making.


What is your year and major at Howard?
I’m a sophomore, biology major. My plan is to become a pediatrician. I always wanted to be a model and a doctor; I’m trying to pursue both. Whichever comes first! Right now, of course I am in school and I am trying to get an agency for representation for my modeling.


How long have you been modeling? I’ve always been interested in modeling but my dad wasn’t sure about it. When I came to Howard, there were homecoming and spring fest events that I decided to just go out and try out for. I did shows on campus and afterwards a few photographers reached out to work with me.


Do you have a favorite modeling gig? I had a really cool shoot by the Brooklyn Bridge. I’m from New York so I’ve done shoots there too. By the bridge, the scenery, the background, just made it a favorite and memorable shoot.


Do you prefer modeling for print or runway? Originally I didn’t want to do runway. I thought it would feel so weird with people watching me and I thought I’d be so nervous. But when I actually did it I tell you that the energy from the crowd, hearing your name, just makes you want to walk fiercer! There’s something about print. The way you change your face and pose and at the end have a picture that can speak a thousand words. I’d say I like print more if I have to choose.


How do you protect your skin against the damage that can be caused by wearing heavy layers of makeup? I have to keep my whole body moisturized. I have to always show skin. I ONLY use shea butter. It’s so moisturizing and leaves my skin soft and beautiful. For my face I wash it every single morning and night. I use a mask a few times a week to deep clean and get out blackheads (they are not cute).  I love the Lush Cupcake mask. They also have a primer for the mask that I use. You can leave it on overnight and wash it off in the morning.


How do you protect your hair from the constant styling? For my hair, if curly, I braid it every night or put it in a big pineapple style on top of my head. I love Shea Moisture products. They smell so good. When I wear it straight I make sure to wrap it every night. Shea Moisture has a product with Jamaican castor oil. I’m from Jamaica so I know about this type of castor oil. Whenever I go to Jamaica we would bring some back. Pure Jamaican castor oil is thick, not runny, and dark black or brown. I use if for different purposes. I use it to prep my hair before washing and to detangle. Sometimes I put some on my fingers with a little water and use it to moisturize my curls.


Have you learned any beauty tricks on the set? I’m big with makeup and wear it almost every day even when I’m not working. I have small-medium lips so one trick I use to make them appear fuller is to overline my lip and go ombre with my liner, a little darker on the outside and shade it lighter as you go toward the middle. Contouring is amazing! It can help everyone with everything! You know on the face, but I’ve seen people contour their chest to make it look like they have a fuller chest.


What advice to you give other aspiring models who are still in school? Well, school always comes first; you need it for a solid foundation just in case. I always do modeling jobs around my school schedule. To keep organized I have to have a planner. I was so against having a planner at first, but it is so helpful to see everything at once. I like my sleep. So I try to avoid a lot of back to back jobs! With my organizer I can can clearly see all that is happening on any given day—from modeling jobs to exams.

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